Original vector illustrations and designs for publishing and advertising that will convey your message, spark curiosity and engage your audiences.
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SIE gründet e.V. - Verband internationaler Entrepreneurinnen in Deutschland
Infographic for Digital Genial commissioned the the Bürgermut Stiftung
One Love, One Planet is a design to draw attention to the topics of peace, diversity, sustainability and the importance to taking care of our planet.
Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Relax, Health, Empowernment, Ana Briceno
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Cyclist, Sport Illustration, Women in Sports, Empowerment, Life balance, Ana Briceño, Illustration
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Illustration Wizard of Oz, Dorothy walking on Yellow Brick Road, Books, Theater
Illustration Signal against domestic violence
Briceno, Illustration, Book Cover, The Art of Stillness, Mindfulness, Self reflexion
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